Action-RPG Last Epoch Reveals New Runemaster Class

Action-RPG Last Epoch Reveals New Runemaster Class

Eleventh Hour Games revealed during Gamescom Opening Night Live that Last Epoch, a crowdfunded dungeon crawler in early access, will add a new class on September 7. The new mastery class, Runemaster, which has the ability to invoke 40 different abilities with a single skill use, allows for players to have a ton of control over their build with many different possibilities. Runemaster is a new mastery class for the Mage class.

Last Epoch is an action-RPG created by fans of the genre, which offers a ton of freedom when it comes to different builds. Every skill in Last Epoch has its own skill tree, which can drastically change how each skill works in combat. There are also 15 mastery classes, which allow even further class customization. It also touts tons of loot, crafting, and replayable dungeons.

Last Epoch has been in early access since its alpha launched in 2018 and Eleventh Hour Games has said that the game will never feature pay-to-win mechanics. Last Epoch is currently available on PC in early access via Steam and is set to hit its full release in 2023.

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