All hail the Unicorn Kingdom?

All hail the Unicorn Kingdom?

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This week, I look into three topics that don’t have to be an “either/or” situation: France or the U.K.; product-led or sales-led; psychedelics medicine or traditional health care. — Anna

Cool or cringe?

“Welcome to the Unicorn Kingdom” is the slogan of a new U.S. campaign aimed at promoting the U.K. as “a place with all the right ingredients for tech success.”

When British prime minister Rishi Sunak referred to the new tagline at an event recently, some called it cringe. However, others beg to disagree.

To get biased national pride out of the equation, I reached out to Hoxton Ventures partner Hussein Kanji for two reasons: He’s London-based and a self-described “proud American.”


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