Analogue Duo Preorders Go Live May 19, Will Likely Sell Out Fast

Analogue Duo Preorders Go Live May 19, Will Likely Sell Out Fast

Retro gaming hardware manufacturer Analogue has revealed more preorder details on the return of its popular system, the Analogue Duo. Described as the “ultimate” all-in-one NEC video game system, the Duo features an original-style cartridge slot, controller port and CD-ROM drive. This means that the hardware is compatible with all game formats, including Hucards, TurboChips, and CD-ROM, as well as the original hardware and accessories for these games.

Preorders begin on May 19 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET, and the Duo will cost $250. You’ll be able to choose from either a black USA version or a white Japanese finish, and the console comes with connection and power cables. As for accessories, you can add a $25 wireless 8BitDo controller (white or black) to your purchase.

These consoles are usually highly sought after and only available in limited runs, so don’t be too surprised if you sell them sell out quickly after preorders go live.

Analog Duo

Analogue has made a name for itself with aftermarket FPGA consoles that support NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis, and the big draw of these machines is that you can play your original library on hardware that plugs directly into modern TVs with an HDMI slot. That results in a crisp image, but one that can be fine-tuned with scanline, scaler, and stretch options to achieve the desired effect. The Duo has worldwide compatibility, is lag-free, has zero signal degradation, and Bluetooth functionality, amongst several other features.

To get an idea of the quality of Analogue’s consoles, you can check out GameSpot’s reviews on the Analogue Pocket, Analogue Mega Sg, and Analogue Super Nt.

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