Apple Watch Ultra launches today. What you need to know about the most powerful Apple Watch ever

Apple Watch Ultra launches today. What you need to know about the most powerful Apple Watch ever


The Apple Watch Ultra is now available for sale. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to order the new premium Apple Watch, we’ve got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about the Apple Watch Ultra.

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Apple Watch 8 Ultra, $799 

Apple Watch 8 (41mm), $399

Apple Watch SE 2nd generation (40mm), $249

This is the first time that Apple has released a premium or pro model in its smartwatch lineup. The Apple Watch Ultra joins the new Apple Watch 8 and Apple Watch SE 2nd generation.

The new Apple Watch Ultra smartwatch features a more rugged design with features designed for outdoor use. It features a larger and brighter screen for better visibility in sunlight. The watch also has some improved GPS and safety features.

The Apple Watch Ultra is a powerful upgrade for adventurers, divers, hikers and other athlete — but is it the right smartwatch for you? We’ve compiled all the key details about the Apple Watch Ultra to help you decide.

Apple Watch Ultra



The Apple Watch Ultra is designed to be a more rugged and durable option for athletes and adventurers. It provides up to 36 hours of life on a single charge with standard use, or 60 hours of battery life with the soon-to-be-released battery optimization setting. It is made with a stronger titanium alloy material for improved impact resistance. It also offers a brighter display and a second speaker for better sound and display visibility during outdoor use. Apple says it’s also optimized for diving and water sports.

The Apple Watch Ultra provides enhanced GPS functionality to trace your steps and improve navigation for outdoor expeditions. There is also an action button that can be used to more accurately track your workouts by marking segments of your workout.

The Apple Watch Ultra features a large 49mm display screen. 

Apple Watch Ultra, $799

Other Apple Watches to consider

The Apple Watch Ultra offers a ton of advanced features, but those extra features do come with a heftier price tag. If you’re not ready to splurge on an Apple Watch Ultra, check out these more affordable Apple Watch options.

Apple Watch Series 8



Apple Watch Series 8, the latest addition to the Apple Watch lineup, features the new S8 chip for improved performance. It also includes an always-on display and new watch face options. The Apple Watch 8 will has a larger battery than previous models: Battery life can be extended to 36 hours when in low-power mode. The Apple Watch 8 features a durable design and is swim-proof, dust-proof and crack-resistant. 

The Apple Watch 8 has a number of health-tracking features, including an optical heart sensor, electrical heart sensor for ECG, blood oxygen sensor and a new body temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is presented as a women’s health tool to more accurately track ovulation times and other changes in a woman’s monthly cycle. (In light of increased concern regarding data privacy around cycle tracking information, Apple assured consumers that their data is secure and encrypted.)

The Apple Watch 8 is available in 41mm and 45mm sizing options. Shoppers can choose between stainless steel or aluminum casing and several different colors; new watch band options are available via Nike and Hermes. The GPS model starts at $399, while the cellular model (with new international roaming capabilities) starts at $499

Apple Watch 8 (41mm), $399

Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm), $429

Apple Watch Series 8, GPS + Cellular (41mm), $499

Apple Watch Series 8, GPS + Cellular (45mm), $529

Apple Watch SE 2nd generation



Apple Watch SE 2nd generation, the most affordable Apple Watch option, includes core Apple Watch features such as car crash detection, heart rate monitoring, fall detection and activity tracking. The updated watch can be paired with a parent’s iPhone, but still operate independently for calling and texting. It’s a smart choice for families that want to stay connected.

The new Apple Watch SE is 20% faster than the last generation. The display is 30% larger than the prior model as well. The back case design now features 100% recycled aluminum.

The Apple Watch SE starts at $249 for GPS and $299 for cellular (additional fees from your wireless carrier will apply). It’s available for purchase on Amazon now.

Apple Watch SE 2nd generation (40mm), $249

Apple Watch SE 2nd generation (44mm), $279

Apple Watch SE 2nd generation, GPS + Cellular (40mm), $299

Apple Watch SE 2nd generation, GPS + Cellular (44mm), $329

Apple Watch Series 7


Apple Store via Amazon

Right now, you can save on the GPS version of the 41mm Apple Watch Series 7. At Apple, the model lists for $399 — and up. On Amazon, it goes for $298 now.

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS (41mm), $298 and up (reduced from $399)

The larger, somewhat weightier 45mm Apple Watch Series 7 is also on sale at Walmart and Amazon.

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS (45mm), $329 and up (reduced from $429)

Apple Watch Series 7 (45mm) GPS + cellular, $429 and up (reduced from $529)

Apple Watch SE (40mm): $183

Apple Watch SE


The water-resistant Apple Watch SE boasts a Retina display that’s 30% larger than one offered by the Series 3. 

Apple Watch SE GPS (blue, 40mm), $183 (reduced from $359)

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