Ara: History Untold Gameplay Revealed, Xbox Game Studio’s Grand Strategy Title

Ara: History Untold Gameplay Revealed, Xbox Game Studio’s Grand Strategy Title

At Gamescom 2023’s Opening Night Live showcase, we got a first look at the gameplay of Ara: History Untold, an upcoming turn-based grand strategy game from developer Oxide Games and publisher Xbox Game Studios. You can check out the gameplay trailer in the video below.

Ara: History Untold shares similarities with the Civilization series where you build and manage your own version of world history through centuries-long campaigns. The trailer teased various leaders to choose from–such as Itzcoatl of the Aztec Empire and Sappho of Ancient Greece–and their personality traits, which influence gameplay mechanics.

You’ll manage aspects of your civilization such as diplomacy, agriculture, architecture, technology, culture, military power, and various other factors common in grand strategy games. You’ll also be controlling the battles themselves, adding a layer to the typical 4X strategy formula.

Former developers from Firaxis (the team behind of Civilization) are working on Ara: History Untold, which is set to launch sometime in 2024 for PC via Steam and PC Game Pass.

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