Backbone Reveals PlayStation Edition Controller For Android

Backbone Reveals PlayStation Edition Controller For Android

Backbone has announced that its popular mobile gaming controller, the Backbone One PlayStation Edition, is coming to Android smartphones. Previously available for iPhones, the Android version includes the same design and features, will retail for $100, and is inspired by the PlayStation DualSense controller.

With this smartphone controller, you’ll be able to play PS5 and PS4 games–via the PlayStation Remote Play app–with more traditional inputs through the hardware that cradles your phone. The controller has a white finish and face buttons similar to the DualSense controller, although it doesn’t have the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback that the PlayStation peripheral is known for.


The Backbone App is also available now for Android, and once installed, it can be fully customized for PlayStation services. Android gamers previously had to use the Xbox Backbone to play games, but this version will keep the hardware thematically linked to the PlayStation console that your games originate from. You’ll be able to purchase the Backbone One PlayStation edition at a wide variety of stores for $100, as it’ll be available through Best Buy, Target, and Amazon.

Alternatively, if you prefer the look of the other Backbone devices, those are still available. On iOS, you can get both the Xbox and PlayStation editions, while Android users can also grab the Backbone Xbox edition right now.

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