Batman Writer Scott Snyder Launches ‘By a Thread’ at Comixology

Batman Writer Scott Snyder Launches ‘By a Thread’ at Comixology

Dark Nights: Death Metal writer Scott Snyder has been keeping very busy since wrapping up his massive Justice League epic and moving on from DC. Snyder’s latest new creator-owned series is a post-apocalyptic adventure called By a Thread. And the biggest twist with this new series is that it’s co-created by Snyder’s eldest son, Jack.

By a Thread is written by the Snyders, drawn by Valeria Favoccia (Beatrix Rose) and colored by Whitney Cogar (Giant Days). The series is set in a world ravaged by an infection. But rather than your run-of-the-mill zombie plague, this infection rises up from the ground and devours anything it touches. The earth itself is no longer safe to touch.

“When my teenage son Jack brought me the idea over the summer I thought it would be an incredible opportunity for us and we’ve been working on it ever since,” Scott Snyder tells IGN. “As a dad, I’m so proud and grateful to share this experience with him and we hope the fun we’re having creating it is evident when it’s released.”

By a Thread is the latest collaboration between Snyder’s Best Jackett Press imprint and Comixology. In 2021, Comixology revealed no fewer than eight Best Jackett Press titles to be published under the Comixology Originals banner. The final three books in that arrangement were recently showcased at SDCC 2022. By a Thread is the first in a new lineup of comics to be revealed since Snyder renewed his partnership with Comixology.

Like all Comixology Originals titles, By a Thread will be free to read for subscribers of Comixology Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading, and the series can also be purchased individually. Snyder will be attending the Thought Bubble Comic Convention in North Yorkshire this weekend, so more information about this and other upcoming books should be revealed there.

Art Preview for ComiXology Originals and Scott Snyder’s Best Jackett Press

This isn’t the first time a publisher has announced a high-profile comic by a father/son writing duo in recent years. JJ Abrams and his son Henry collaborated on a limited series called Spider-Man: Bloodline in 2019, with the series set in an alternate Marvel Universe where Mary Jane is killed and Peter Parker becomes a single father raising a super-powered son.

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