Big Free Gotham Knights Update Adds New Story Content, Raid, And Critical Accessibility Features

Big Free Gotham Knights Update Adds New Story Content, Raid, And Critical Accessibility Features

Warner Bros. Games pushed out a new update for Gotham Knights, including the Kelvin Incident raid as well as a variety of bug fixes for PC and console.

The Kelvin Incident’s story revolves around Harley Quinn, Dr. Freeze, and Clayface’s point of view. The raid contains 15 floors where players can earn a new tier of stronger gear that only drops in that specific raid. New material will drop too. The update includes a new unlockable suit transmog, four new batcycle transmogs, and stronger enemies.

In terms of accessibility, players can now remap their controllers and gameplay controls. Buttons that need to be held down can now be changed to toggle. Additionally, there is improved screen-reader support as well as text-to-speech capability in English.

Over on PC, the patch has had some stability such as fixing draw distances and shadow castings when using higher field-of-view values and fixing Red Hood’s Mystal Leap behavior when playing at a higher frame rate.

The last update for Gotham Knights was back in November with the four-player Heroic Assault and two-player Showdown modes. In Heroic Assault, players fought against Starro and Man-Bat along with other Gotham City enemies in 30 different scenarios. in Showdown, players took on supercharged versions of Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, Clayface, and Talia al Ghul.

In GameSpot’s Gotham Knights review, we said, “The game seems built to serve an almighty hours-played statistic that has lately felt frighteningly ubiquitous. Strong character work and a well-considered co-op experience can’t save all that ails Gotham Knights, leaving this experience neither the one fans deserve, nor the one they need right now.”

The full patch notes are below:

New Content/Features

  • The Kelvin Incident is now available! This is a new 15 floor raid available in new game plus or after unlocking the raid area and defeating all the side villain missions.
    • Mythic gear.
      • This is a new tier of stronger gear which only drops in the raid.
      • New material will drop from raid as well.
    • A new suit transmog can be unlocked
    • 4 new batcycle transmogs can be unlocked
    • New stronger enemies


  • Control remapping
    • Gameplay Controls can be remapped
    • Supports mouse, keyboard, and gamepad
    • Buttons that need to be held down can be changed to a toggle
  • Text-to-Speech
    • The game supports your device’s built-in screen reader for all text and certain menus
    • Improved screen reader support in areas where it existed previously
    • Text-to-Speech is available in English only


  • Implementing support for the Steam Deck keyboard and dynamic cloud saves
  • Fixes to draw distance and shadow casting when using higher FOV values
  • Texture streaming fix for objects in the Heroic Assault levels
  • The XeSS has been upgraded to version 1.1
  • Red Hood Mystical Leap should now behave properly while playing at higher FPS
  • Fixes for some rare refresh rate problems
  • Fix for kicking user in STEAM-EPIC crossplay matches

Stability & Optimization

  • Crash fix for a rare scenario when the PS5 controller is set as a default audio device
  • Fix for crash while using keyboard input for camera roll in Photo Mode
  • Several smaller optimizations for the performance of both GPU & CPU


  • Fix to the Text Chat behavior when using PageUp/PageDown keys
  • Several fixes to the Text To Speech feature in PC-specific menus
  • Fix to Activity notifications conflicts with other on-screen actions
  • Fix to Photo Mode being improperly displayed while starting a cinematic in co-op
  • Analog sticks icons for Nintendo Switch and Direct Input controllers have been updated

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