Black Friday 2022: Dune 4K Blu-Ray Drops Down To $9.99

Black Friday 2022: Dune 4K Blu-Ray Drops Down To $9.99

Black Friday 2022 has arrived and with it a variety of deals on everything from electronics to movies. In the world of 4K Blu-rays, there’s a fantastic array of films available to pick up and enjoy this holiday season. In particular, Denis Villeneuve’s Dune has dropped down to just $9.99 at both Amazon and Best Buy.

This film stunned audiences upon release and is well worth adding to your Blu-ray collection. Our reviewer stated that it’s “beautiful to behold,” and “a faithful adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel.” Take in the world of Arrakis in glorious 4K and check out this year’s Black Friday deals on Dune below.

Dune 4K Blu-Ray – Black Friday 2022 Deal

Dune (4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray + Digital)

Dune (4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray + Digital)

71% off $33.99

Dune 4K Ultra HD + Blu-Ray + Digital

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