Boston Red Sox player Justin Turner gets 16 stitches after taking pitch to the face

Boston Red Sox player Justin Turner gets 16 stitches after taking pitch to the face


Boston Red Sox third baseman Justin Turner is resting at home after he was hit in the face by a pitch which required 16 stitches.

Turner was hit by a fastball from Detroit Tigers pitcher Matt Manning in the bottom of the first inning during Monday’s game.

In an ugly scene, the 38-year-old lay on the ground with blood coming from his face before being helped away by members of Boston’s medical team.

After the game, the Red Sox said the two-time All-Star had been taken to a local hospital.

“He is receiving treatment for soft tissue injuries and is being monitored for a concussion,” the statement said. “He will undergo further testing, and we’ll update as we have more information. Justin is stable, alert and in good spirits given the circumstances.”

Turner later reposted an Instagram story from his wife which gave an update on his condition.

“Thank you to everyone that reached out about Justin and sent prayers,” Kourtney Turner wrote. “We’re home now and he’s resting (okay – maybe listening to the replay of the game).

“16 stitches and a lot of swelling but we are thanking God for no fractures and clear scans!”

Turner is helped off the field after being hit in the face by a pitch.

Manning told reporters that he plans to reach out and apologize to Turner, stressing the pitch was not intentional.

“It was a complete accident; ball just got away,” Manning said. “I got a swing and miss on a ball kind of up in the zone, so I tried to go back to it, and it just got away from me.”

The Red Sox went on to beat the Tigers 7-1.

Turner joined the Red Sox in January, signing a reported two-year, $22 million deal during the offseason having spent the previous nine years with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He won the World Series in 2020 with the Dodgers.


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