Channing Tatum Wants to Remake Ghost With Himself in the Patrick Swayze Role

Channing Tatum Wants to Remake Ghost With Himself in the Patrick Swayze Role

Channing Tatum has revealed he is trying to develop a remake of Ghost, with him potentially playing the Patrick Swayze role.

The Magic Mike star told Vanity Fair that his production company, Free Association, has the rights to the 1990 classic and that he is interested in crafting a remake. However, he admitted that it would need to break the mould as the original movie contains some problematic stereotypes.

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“We have the rights to Ghost,” he shared. “But we’re going to do something different. I think it needs to change a little bit.”

Tatum would potentially star in the lead role, playing Sam Wheat, a banker who gets murdered during a brutal street mugging. However, rather than ascending straight to heaven, he sticks around as a ghost to watch over his wife, communicating with her through a psychic.

The story clearly had universal appeal as the film ended up grossing $505 million at the global box office against a budget of $22–23 million. It emerged as the highest-grossing movie of 1990 and the third-highest-grossing film in history at the time of its release.

Whether a new version of the film makes it to screens remains to be seen. Tatum was once attached to star in a remake of the mermaid comedy Splash, assuming the role of Daryl Hannah’s character from the 1984 original, but that project is yet to make it above the surface.

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