Charging Stand Deals For PS5 And Xbox Will Have Your Controllers Looking Good

Charging Stand Deals For PS5 And Xbox Will Have Your Controllers Looking Good

If you don’t just want to have your controllers sitting around in an entertainment center or on a table, you’ll want to take advantage of this early Black Friday deal on controller charging stands. Available for both Xbox and PS5, the Razer charging stands are on sale for as little as $30, a nice 25% discount.

Razer’s Xbox charging stands are available in 10 different designs, ranging from plain white or black all the way to pink, electric volt yellow, and even a paint-splattered Forza Horizon 5 design. The more-complex designs are slightly more expensive, but they actually have a bigger discount compared to their standard list price.

On PS5, there are six different designs to choose from, though a few of them aren’t on sale. Discounted charging stands include black, white, red, and pink.

Regardless of which model you select, the charging stands are powered via USB. You can connect them to a wall adapter like a standard charging cradle, or connect them directly to your console to save some outlet space.

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