CoD: Warzone 2 Plunder Tips – How To Make Money Fast

CoD: Warzone 2 Plunder Tips – How To Make Money Fast

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Plunder mode finally arrived in Warzone 2, and this mode is less about killing and survival and more about filling your pockets with cash. Plunder is played in quads, and the goal is to be the team to collect the most cash, which is earned by killing and looting enemies, completing contracts, and looting supply boxes throughout the map. There are some major differences in Warzone 2’s Plunder, so here we provide some tips to help you score cash the fastest, and hopefully, secure some wins.

Stay focused on the money

In this version of battle royale, you drop into a match with your custom loadout and respawns are enabled. This means you don’t need to look for better guns or unnecessarily pick fights with your opponents, you just need to go straight for some cash.

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Know where and what to loot

Plunder matches can progress quickly, so it’s best to land somewhere that will have decent loot and contracts. Even if you normally play passively in battle royale, keeping to the low-key areas and outskirts of the map, you’ll want to pick hotter drops for Plunder. Places like Al Mazrah City or the Sattiq Cave Complex have so many loot-filled buildings that make them great areas for cash hauls. I’d suggest looking at the contracts available in the area before dropping and picking the area with the most Safecracker contracts nearby.

As previously mentioned, the Safecracker contracts are the most viable for Plunder, as they offer cash and other valuables in each of the three safes marked for you to loot. These are popular contracts, so you’ll want to grab them right away. The more contracts you complete, the more cash you earn. If you have at least two squadmates focused on the safes, the other two can be looting other buildings and strongholds.

This version of Plunder lets you loot and sell valuables just like DMZ mode. There are fewer items to loot, but it’s a lot of DMZ’s high-rarity valuables like gold bars, comic books, GPUs, and hard drives. You shouldn’t be looking for tons of fights, so you don’t need to fill your backpack with armor plates and equipment. Instead, grab the high-end items to sell at Buy Stations.

Some of the best items to look for are:

  • Gold bars for $40,000
  • Game consoles for $15,000
  • GPUs for $10,000

Also, pay attention to random public events. Sometimes a match will activate a Contractor or Blood Money event, which will help you earn you more cash during that time. Contractor gives more cash for completing contracts during the event, and Blood Money gives you double cash earned for eliminating and looting players.

Safely deposit cash

Plunder Buy Station menu

You’ll drop a portion of your hard-earned cash everytime you’re killed, so it’s important to periodically deposit your money. This can be done by either going to a marked helipad location marked as a piggy bank icon on the map, or you can use the Cash Deposit Balloons.

Depositing at the helipads will safely store your entire earnings, but attempting to extract your cash here can be risky. Players will be alerted when you call for a helicopter for cash extraction, so they’re often highly-contested areas.

Cash Deposit Balloons are much quieter and safer to use. These balloon items can be randomly found while looting or purchased from the Buy Station. Cash Deposit Balloons can store $300,000 per balloon, holding double the cash of Warzone 1’s balloons, so you should be able to get a nice amount stored this way.

These balloons seem a bit rarer as ground loot in Warzone 2, but you can also buy them at Buy Stations for $20,000 if you’re desperate.

Don’t waste your money

It’s easy to get caught up in the action, but you don’t want to waste your hard-earned cash. Losing unnecessary gunfights takes a small percentage of your cash with each death. Disgruntled opponents might try to keep taking gunfights with you, but don’t keep fighting players over and over, as you’ll likely lose more money than you gain. And while killstreaks can be helpful, they’re usually abundant enough as ground loot that you shouldn’t be wasting any money by purchasing extras from Buy Stations.

Additionally, you can buy Life Insurance for $40,000 from a Buy Station. This is a new feature for Warzone 2 that lets you save 50% of your cash on-hand when eliminated. Of course, this insurance only lasts until you die. This is probably only a good investment if you’re avoiding fights or confident in your ability to win them. It will be counterproductive to buy, die, and repeat.

Use map awareness

Make sure you keep an eye on your map for randomly dropping cash supply boxes (marked as a green money box) or top earning players (marked as red money bag) for additional cash opportunities.

If you are feeling confident and aggressive, you can try to take out the top players for their money. However, successfully killing them and looting their cash means you will then be one of those top earners marked on the map. If you don’t feel confident in these fights, the map awareness can help you avoid the additional fights.

Also, make use of the cars and redeploy drones marked on the map to traverse Al Mazrah faster.

We do have a recommended loadout guide for Warzone 2, if you need some solid gun builds to try for your next match.

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