Destiny 2 Gets More Accessibility Improvements In Season Of The Deep

Destiny 2 Gets More Accessibility Improvements In Season Of The Deep

Bungie has outlined new accessibility features coming to Destiny 2, with most of these tweaks to the game focusing on reticle changes, full auto melee, new subtitle color options, and more. Season of the Deep will see an “Enemy Targeted Reticle Color” setting added, that is designed to complement the current Reticle Color setting. This will allow players to select the hue of their hip-fire reticle that they see when aiming at an enemy, which is particularly helpful for players with color blindness.

“When this new Enemy Targeted Reticle Color setting goes live, most players won’t notice a difference as the default value is the same red color that they are used to,” Bungie explained. “Because players now have a much wider range of colors to apply to the targeted reticle color, we have removed the color applied by changing colorblind settings.”

Season 19 saw a Full Auto setting introduced, and Bungie is tweaking this option so that it now reads as Full Auto Firing. This setting allows almost all weapons to continue firing as long as the trigger or fire button is held, and next season will see a Full Auto Melee setting added. This setting will constantly repeat the melee attack whenever it’s available and for as long as the melee or fire button is held down, and applies to swords, glaives, powered melee, unpowered melee attacks, and melee attacks while in a roaming Super.

Some of the upcoming Destiny 2 accessibility changes.


Another small but useful option being added is a setting for players to swap which buttons are used for Confirm and Cancel within the Destiny UI, when using a controller. Lastly, players can further customize their HUD experience by tweaking text colors, sizes, and adding an optional tinted rectangle behind lines of dialogue.

Accessibility has been a major focus for several studios over the last few years, with Sony leading the way with its first-party games. The Last of Us Part 1, Horizon Forbidden West, and God of War Ragnarok have been standout examples, as players can work through dozens of options in the main menu to help tailor a game to address their specific needs. During the Sony CES 2023 press conference earlier this year, CEO Jim Ryan unveiled Project Leonardo, a brand-new accessibility controller kit designed for the PlayStation 5 that is currently in development.

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