Disney Animation Veteran Has Extremely Wholesome Reaction To Mario Movie Passing $1 Billion

Disney Animation Veteran Has Extremely Wholesome Reaction To Mario Movie Passing $1 Billion

Disney animation veteran Jared Bush has shared an extremely nice and wholesome reaction to The Super Mario Bros. Movie passing $1 billion worldwide.

Jared Bush–who was on the writing/directing crews for Encanto, Zootopia, and Moana–said on Twitter that he feels “elated” that the Mario movie is doing so well at the box office. People wrongly assumed that Bush would be angry or upset that a rival film is doing so well. It’s not true. A rising tide rising tide lifts all boats, so if more people are interested in animated movies thanks to the Mario film, that’s good for the animation movie business overall, Bush said.

“Love that audiences are turning out in droves for animation. It’s great for everyone,” Bush said. “I know many people believe animation studios should want to crush each other, but the truth is most of us are all friends, or have worked together, or simply just really respect one another. That’s why we love it.”

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now inside the top 10 of the highest-grossing movies of all time. It has made $1.044 billion so far worldwide, which is ahead of Disney’s Finding Dory ($1.029 billion) and Zootopia ($1.025 billion).

As for Bush, he won an Oscar for Encanto and is now seemingly working on the recently announced Zootopia 2.

The massive financial success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie pretty much guarantees that Nintendo and Illumination will stay in business and make more movies together. While we wait for an official announcement, you can check out GameSpot’s gallery below of all the Nintendo movies we’d like to see next.

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