Disney CEO Praises Mario Movie And How It Helped Reignite The Box Office

Disney CEO Praises Mario Movie And How It Helped Reignite The Box Office

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is putting up huge numbers at the box office. The film has been so successful that even Disney CEO Bob Iger has spoken out to praise the film and movie studio Universal for helping reinvigorate the theatrical business following a slowdown during the pandemic.

“Allow me to digress for a moment to congratulate Universal for the tremendous success of Super Mario Bros.,” Iger said. “It certainly proves people love to be entertained in theaters around the world, and it gives us reason to be optimistic about the movie business.”

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has earned more than $1.16 billion already and it’s still in theaters. The movie will continue to rake in money when it hits video-on-demand platforms soon. And if it comes to a streaming service like Netflix or Peacock, it could bring in millions every year.

Nintendo produced The Super Mario Bros. Movie alongside Illumination (Despicable Me, Minions) and distributor Universal. It is 2023’s biggest movie so far, a record it’s expected to hold onto for some time. It’s the highest-grossing video game movie of all time and the 24th highest-grossing movie of all time.

Given the huge success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, it’s no surprise that Nintendo putting plans in place to create additional movies. None have been announced so far, but you can check out our gallery below to see some ideas we’d like to see.

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