Dolphins’ Hill runs blazing 60m at USATF event

Dolphins’ Hill runs blazing 60m at USATF event

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill showed off his transcendent speed Saturday, winning the 60-meter sprint at the USA Track and Field Masters Indoor Championships.

Hill, widely believed to be the fastest player in the NFL, donned a speed suit from his alma mater, Coffee High School, and won the race handily in 6.7 seconds.

The four-time All-Pro was a track star in high school, winning two state championships. He was named an All-American by USA Today in 2012.

Hill last ran for Oklahoma State in 2014.

His time of 6.7 seconds is four-tenths of a second off the world record mark of 6.34 seconds set by Christian Coleman in 2018.

Hill does, however, own the fastest recorded ball carrier speed by NFL Next Gen Stats — clocking in at 23.24 mph on a kick return during his rookie season in 2016.


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