Dragon Age: Dreadwolf And Skate Reboot Won’t Arrive Until April 2024 At The Earliest

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf And Skate Reboot Won’t Arrive Until April 2024 At The Earliest

The wait for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and the Skate reboot is going to be a while longer. EA pulled back the curtain on its fiscal 2024 lineup–this past April through March 2024–and neither game gets a mention.

Spotted by Twitter user Shinobi602, EA previewed its upcoming games slate in the company’s fourth quarter and fiscal 2023 results review. Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and the Skate reboot don’t show up as titles on the way for the company’s new fiscal year. The company does, however, mention two unannounced games will be on the way: one EA Sports and the other a racing title. That said, the new entries in the Dragon Age and Skate franchises have already been unveiled so they wouldn’t fit under that description anyway.

EA’s fiscal 2024 (April 2023-March 2024) games lineup

A previous report earlier this year stated that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf wouldn’t come out in 2023. Apparently, there were rumors the RPG may arrive later this year, especially after Dragon Age: Dreadwolf passed a major development milestone in October 2022. The game was first teased at The Game Awards in 2018.

The Skate reboot has never been given a launch time frame. In January, developer Full Circle made a point to publicize that the new Skate won’t be pay-to-win. For more, check out everything we know about the Skate reboot.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson also discussed other issues during an earnings briefing. For example, he touched on how AI will affect video games and the people who make them. Wilson also mentioned that EA is largely “indifferent” to Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard.

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