EA Sports PGA Tour Gets First Big Discount At Amazon

EA Sports PGA Tour Gets First Big Discount At Amazon

It’s hard to beat an afternoon out touring 18 holes on your local golf course, but if club membership fees and a smart casual dress code are making you reconsider going outside, you can always touch some digital grass with this deal on EA Sports PGA Tour. The game just got its first major discount and is now just $50 on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

In case you missed it when it came out last month, PGA Tour is a solid new entry in EA’s revived golfing series that’s only let down by a couple of inconsistencies and quirky analog stick swing mechanics at launch–though now’s there’s a traditional three-click swing system, too, among other improvements.

“EA has returned to the fairway with a more demanding recreation of the sport that’s as much about feel as it is mastering the game’s robust mechanics,” Richard Wakeling wrote in GameSpot’s EA Sports PGA Tour review. “With 30 courses covering all four majors–including The Masters at Augusta National–EA Sports PGA Tour has a plethora of golfing action to sink your teeth into. It’s just a shame there are a few notable issues in critical areas that hold it back from greatness.”

If you’re looking for an alternative to EA’s take on golf, you can also grab a sizable discount on PGA Tour 2K23. PGA 2K23 is just $44 (normally $70) on PS5 and $40 (normally $100) for the Digital Deluxe Edition on Xbox Series X|S. 2K23 is a better golf game for purists who care about precise analog stick swing mechanics.

There are a few big differences here, with 2K’s game having more celebrities in its roster like Michael Jordan and John Cena (if you can see him), the GOAT (Tiger Woods), an easier learning curve, and more customization options. EA Sports PGA Tour has all four of the Major championships, including the Masters at Augusta National, in case those tournaments matter more to you.

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