Eminem Could Have Starred In A GTA Movie From Top Gun Director

Eminem Could Have Starred In A GTA Movie From Top Gun Director

Years ago, discussions were held about potentially making a Grand Theft Auto film with rapper Eminem set to star and the late Top Gun director Tony Scott lined up to direct.

Games industry veteran Kirk Ewing said in a new episode of Bugzy Malone’s podcast that he and Rockstar’s Sam Houser “stayed up late” one night talking about the possibility of making a GTA movie.

“This was just after Grand Theft Auto 3. And I think at that point, it was still in Sam’s mind that it might be something that he wanted to do,” Ewing said (via VGC).

A producer from Los Angeles reportedly called Ewing with an offer to make a GTA movie with Eminem to star and Scott to direct. Ewing circled back with Houser and asked him to consider the offer, but Houser was apparently quick to say, “Not interested.”

“At that point, they withdrew from any conversation about making a film, when they realized that the media franchise that they had was bigger than any movie that was going on at the time,” Ewing said.

Film and TV executives have approached Take-Two over the years about making a GTA movie, but the company has always said no because it wants to have creative control.

Rockstar Games’s other founder, Dan Houser, said in 2011 that Rockstar has “explored” numerous Grand Theft Auto movie deals, but has yet to be convinced to bring the series to the big-screen.

The late Scott was reportedly eager to make a video game movie, as he was also reportedly in the mix to direct a Gears of War film at some point. Scott died in 2012.

There has never been an official GTA movie, but the BBC produced a film called Game Changer in which Daniel Radcliffe played Sam Houser. Rockstar Games sued the BBC over the production.

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