Experts’ picks for every second-round  series

Experts’ picks for every second-round series

The first round of the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs was full of surprises, none bigger than the Presidents’ Trophy-winning Boston Bruins — who set NHL records for regular-season wins and points — losing to the Florida Panthers. (The defending Cup champion Colorado Avalanche being downed by the Seattle Kraken gets an honorable mention.)

But now we’re on to Round 2, and the postseason field is down to eight teams. Which clubs will make it through to the conference finals?

Here are the picks from the extended ESPN hockey family:

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Atlantic Division

Sean Allen: Panthers in six
Blake Bolden: Maple Leafs in six
Brian Boucher: Maple Leafs in six
John Buccigross: Maple Leafs in four
Ryan Callahan: Maple Leafs in six
Cassie Campbell-Pascall: Maple Leafs in six
Sachin Chandan: Maple Leafs in six
Chris Chelios: Panthers in seven
Ryan S. Clark: Panthers in seven
Linda Cohn: Maple Leafs in seven
Ray Ferraro: Maple Leafs in five
Leah Hextall: Maple Leafs in six
Emily Kaplan: Maple Leafs in six
Tim Kavanagh: Maple Leafs in seven
Peter Lawrence-Riddell: Maple Leafs in six
Steve Levy: Panthers in seven
Vince Masi: Maple Leafs in six
Victoria Matiash: Maple Leafs in six
Sean McDonough: Maple Leafs in seven
Mark Messier: Maple Leafs in six
AJ Mleczko: Panthers in six
Mike Monaco: Maple Leafs in six
Arda Öcal: Maple Leafs in six
Kristen Shilton: Maple Leafs in six
Bob Wischusen: Maple Leafs in six
Greg Wyshynski: Maple Leafs in seven

Consensus prediction: Maple Leafs (21 of 26 picks)

Metro Division

Sean Allen: Hurricanes in five
Blake Bolden: Devils in seven
Brian Boucher: Devils in seven
John Buccigross: Devils in six
Ryan Callahan: Devils in seven
Cassie Campbell-Pascall: Devils in six
Sachin Chandan: Devils in seven
Chris Chelios: Hurricanes in seven
Ryan S. Clark: Hurricanes in seven
Linda Cohn: Devils in six
Ray Ferraro: Devils in six
Leah Hextall: Hurricanes in six
Emily Kaplan: Devils in seven
Tim Kavanagh: Devils in six
Peter Lawrence-Riddell: Devils in seven
Steve Levy: Devils in seven
Vince Masi: Hurricanes in seven
Victoria Matiash: Devils in seven
Sean McDonough: Devils in six
Mark Messier: Devils in six
AJ Mleczko: Hurricanes in six
Mike Monaco: Hurricanes in seven
Arda Öcal: Devils in six
Kristen Shilton: Hurricanes in six
Bob Wischusen: Hurricanes in seven
Greg Wyshynski: Devils in six

Consensus prediction: Devils (17 of 26 picks)

Central Division

Sean Allen: Stars in seven
Blake Bolden: Kraken in seven
Brian Boucher: Stars in six
John Buccigross: Stars in six
Ryan Callahan: Stars in five
Cassie Campbell-Pascall: Stars in seven
Sachin Chandan: Stars in six
Chris Chelios: Stars in six
Ryan S. Clark: Kraken in seven
Linda Cohn: Stars in seven
Ray Ferraro: Stars in six
Leah Hextall: Stars in five
Emily Kaplan: Stars in six
Tim Kavanagh: Stars in seven
Peter Lawrence-Riddell: Stars in six
Steve Levy: Stars in six
Vince Masi: Kraken in seven
Victoria Matiash: Stars in six
Sean McDonough: Stars in seven
Mark Messier: Stars in six
AJ Mleczko: Stars in five
Mike Monaco: Stars in six
Arda Öcal: Kraken in seven
Kristen Shilton: Stars in seven
Bob Wischusen: Stars in six
Greg Wyshynski: Stars in six

Consensus prediction: Stars (22 of 26 picks)

Pacific Division



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Sean Allen: Oilers in six
Blake Bolden: Oilers in six
Brian Boucher: Oilers in six
John Buccigross: Oilers in five
Ryan Callahan: Oilers in seven
Cassie Campbell-Pascall: Oilers in seven
Sachin Chandan: Oilers in seven
Chris Chelios: Oilers in six
Ryan S. Clark: Oilers in seven
Linda Cohn: Golden Knights in seven
Ray Ferraro: Oilers in six
Leah Hextall: Oilers in seven
Emily Kaplan: Oilers in seven
Tim Kavanagh: Golden Knights in seven
Peter Lawrence-Riddell: Oilers in seven
Steve Levy: Oilers in seven
Vince Masi: Oilers in six
Victoria Matiash: Oilers in seven
Sean McDonough: Oilers in six
Mark Messier: Oilers in six
AJ Mleczko: Golden Knights in seven
Mike Monaco: Oilers in seven
Arda Öcal: Oilers in seven
Kristen Shilton: Oilers in six
Bob Wischusen: Golden Knights in seven
Greg Wyshynski: Oilers in six

Consensus prediction: Oilers (22 of 26 picks)


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