Fire Emblem Engage Announced Following Leaks, Arriving in January

Fire Emblem Engage Announced Following Leaks, Arriving in January

It turns out that the Fire Emblem game that leaked several months ago is real after all, and will be called Fire Emblem Engage.

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Engage will focus on a new protagonist, Alear, who has a real wild hairstyle. Alear is known as a “divine dragon,” and is a member of a royal family that was once revered as deities, but he’s been asleep for one thousand years when he awakens at the start of the game.

Notably, characters in Engage appear to be paired in some spiritual way with past Fire Emblem heroes, with Alear paired with Marth. Sigurd and Celica also made appearances. Fire Emblem Engage appears to include elements from Fire Emblem: Three Houses such as its town building and relationship elements as well.

It’s planned for release on January 20, 2023, and a “Divine Edition” with collectibles will also be on sale.

Fire Emblem Engage first leaked back in June, with photos of the protagonist’s strange red and blue hair and a number of other characters surfacing online. Earlier this year, we gave Omega Force’s musou spinoff Fire Emblem: Three Hopes an 8 for being “a true hybrid of Fire Emblem’s social gameplay and Warriors’ battles” that works “despite overstaying its welcome and missing the mark when it comes to the more intimate interactions.” And the most recent full Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, got a 9.5 for being “ambitious telling of a land at war helmed by captivating leaders, in which no side has all the answers.”

For everything else from today’s Nintendo Direct, check out IGN’s full roundup.


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