Fire Emblem Engage – How To Get Marth, Lucina, And All The Emblems

Fire Emblem Engage – How To Get Marth, Lucina, And All The Emblems

Fire Emblem Engage revolves around the Emblems, 12 heroes from other worlds–aka other Fire Emblem games–that can be summoned into battle using special rings. These heroes include Marth, Lucina, and Byleth, and give you access to special weapons and moves, as well as healthy stat bumps. But how do you collect them all?

While the idea of a hero-collecting mechanic would seem to be reminiscent of a gacha game like Fire Emblem Heroes, that’s actually not at all how it works in Fire Emblem Engage. Instead, in Engage, the various Emblems and their associated heroes are part of your story progress, so you’ll naturally gather them all in a particular order as the story progresses. There’s no way to miss collecting them all or work to unlock a particular one sooner.

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So as to avoid spoilers, we won’t reveal the exact order of the Emblems here. Sometimes when you get into a battle, your foe will have an Emblem Ring and the story will treat their associated Emblem as a mystery to be discovered. Other times, you may lose control of one ring and gain another. By the time you’re nearing the end of the story campaign, you’ll have gathered all 12 Emblem rings, which ties into the story.

The only way to get extra Emblems in an order not prescribed by the story is to purchase the Expansion Pass, which will add more content. The first wave, available at launch, includes an Emblem Bracelet (notably not an Emblem ring) that includes the three main heroes of Fire Emblem: Three Houses–Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude. The DLC will also let you play a special Divine Paralogue mission to get Tiki as an extra Emblem. Future waves promise more Divine Paralogues, Emblem accessories and characters, and story content.

Fire Emblem Engage does have a slight gacha mechanic outside of the Emblem Rings, though. Bond Rings, which are less powerful than Emblem Rings but can grant you some smaller stat benefits, can be traded for Bond fragments. For more, check out our guide on Emblem and Bond Rings, as well as how to achieve Max Bond level with your Emblems.

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