Game Pass Has Changed Me For Better Or Worse | The Kurt Locker

Game Pass Has Changed Me For Better Or Worse | The Kurt Locker

Game Pass. It’s the service that has become synonymous with the phrase “the greatest deal in gaming” – and rightfully so. It has had a tremendous impact on the way many of us play games… Kurt included. Over the years of being a Game Pass subscriber, Kurt’s relationship with games, how he buys them, plays them, and what console he chooses to play them on, has been dramatically altered. In fact, the whole endeavor revealed parts of his gaming habits that he’s not entirely thrilled to admit.

In this episode of The Kurt Locker, Kurt debates whether or not the effect Game Pass has had on his gaming habits have been good or bad, because he thinks it’s a little bit of both. But even more so, it’s had him asking another question: is Game Pass changing the way we value games?

To illustrate Kurt’s relationship with the service, he details his time with two of the biggest games to come to Game Pass this year: Ghostwire: Tokyo and Hi-Fi Rush (two games that just so happen to come from developer Tango Gameworks). But beyond the games available to the service, he also realizes that it’s changed the way he purchases games, now hoping that some games he’s interested in eventually come to the service rather than paying for it at its release – games like The Callisto Protocol.


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