Get 10 Great Capcom Games For Only $30 For A Limited Time

Get 10 Great Capcom Games For Only $30 For A Limited Time

Humble Bundle is offering a new Capcom Heroic Collection Bundle that’ll net you more than $250 worth of Capcom games for Steam, including Monster Hunter Rise, for just $30.

But, as is usually the case with a new Humble Bundle, you can pay less for smaller bundles of games if you’d rather not drop the full $30. But if you do decide to nab the full bundle, you’ll end up with quite a haul–the full bundle includes Monster Hunter Rise, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy and the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (itself a bundle of 12 Street Fighter games).

There is plenty more to this bundle than just those three titles, however–below, we’ve broken down exactly what you get in each tier of the Capcom Heroic Collection.

While $30 is the minimum price to receive the entire bundle, you’re certainly not limited to that amount, since each Humble Bundle benefits a charity organization. Proceeds from this bundle go to JDRF, an organization dedicated to ending Type 1 diabetes. When you choose how much you want to pay for the bundle, you can choose whatever total you want, and you can choose how the money will be split between Humble, Capcom, and JDRF.

The Capcom Heroic Collection won’t be around forever–you only have until May 24 to pick it up.

Spend $1

  • Lost Planet 3 Complete Pack
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection
  • Strider
  • Bionic Commando: Rearmed

Spend $10

  • Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen
  • Mega Man 11
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

Spend $30

  • Monster Hunter Rise
  • Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

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