Get An Open-Box Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Controller For Just $75

Get An Open-Box Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Controller For Just $75

One of the best wireless gaming controllers on the market, the Xbox Elite Series 2 Core, is just $75.61 on eBay right now. This is for an open-box version of the controller that usually retails for $130 new, which means that the controller might be missing the original packaging or protective wrapping, but it is otherwise in excellent and like-0new condition. If the eBay version is sold out, you can grab a brand-new version of the Elite Series 2 Core on Amazon for $104. And if the lack of swappable components on the Core makes it a dealbreaker for you, you can get an open-box version of the standard Elite Series 2 for only $110.

It’s also worth noting that the colorful blue edition of the Elite Series 2 Core controller is currently on sale for its lowest price yet ($121).

The Xbox Elite Series 2 Core has the same premium build as the standard Elite, with excellent textured grips, customizable trigger locks, and a weighty feel to it. The Core model comes with two D-pads, but that’s the extent of what you can swap without buying extra components. The Core doesn’t come with additional analog sticks or back paddles. That said, there are plenty of third-party manufacturers out there who offer good Elite Series 2 components at low prices.

You can grab a budget set of four paddles for around $10, or you can get Scuf’s unique paddles that rival the official versions for $20. It’s also not hard to find component bundles that come with a bunch of swappable accessories for cheap.

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