Grab 7 Killer Roguelike Deckbuilding Games For $20

Grab 7 Killer Roguelike Deckbuilding Games For $20

Humble’s latest bundle, the Luck of the Draw Roguelike Deck-Builders bundle, might sound pretty niche at first. But for just $20, you’ll get a highly varied collection of games that take traditional genres like brawlers or RPGs or tactical games and turn them on their heads in fascinating new ways.

Like other Humble Bundles, the Luck of the Draw Bundle comes in three sizes if you don’t want to buy the whole thing. But at $20, which is the minimum for the highest tier, you’ll nab seven indie titles that all have either Mostly Positive or Very Positive user reviews on Steam. Despite the very specific-sounding genre description on the bundle, there’s a ton of variety here.

We’ve got Fights in Tight Spaces, a neat tactics-based game in which you’ll build a deck of fighting moves to help your character navigate movie-style fight scenes. There’s Luck Be A Landlord, in which a customizable slot machine (this is the “deck” in this game) will determine how you deal with your landlord demanding your rent check. And there’s Tainted Grail: Conquest, an RPG that has big “turn-based Dark Souls” energy.

Humble Bundles are pay what you want, which means that the tier prices are minimums–you can pay more if you so choose and direct the proceeds to charity. The Luck of the Draw bundle benefits two charities: Save the Children, an international organization that exists to help provide an education for and otherwise protect vulnerable children around the world; and Red Nose Day, which supports campaigns to end child poverty.

Humble’s Luck of the Draw Roguelike Deck-Builders bundle will be available through June 9, and you can find a breakdown of the pricing tiers below.

Spend $8

  • Luck Be a Landlord
  • Dicey Dungeons

Spend $12

  • Alina of the Arena
  • Tainted Grail: Conquest
  • Chrono Ark

Spend $20

  • Fights in Tight Spaces
  • Beneath Oresa

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