GTA Designer’s New Game Looks Like GTA In First Teaser

GTA Designer’s New Game Looks Like GTA In First Teaser

Build A Rocket Boy, the game development studio founded by former Rockstar/GTA boss Leslie Benzies, has revealed a new game called MindsEye, and it gives off major GTA vibes. It’s also understood to be not exactly a traditional release, as it will live inside another game.

MindsEye is described as a “high-octane, AAA, story-driven action-adventure game” that takes place in a world of “futuristic corporations, conspiracy theories, and sinister new technologies.” You can see a teaser trailer below.

MindsEye will be available from within the Everywhere platform, which will launch on PC in 2023 with a release on additional formats later on.

Everywhere is described as a “platform” that gives players “a world of endless possibilities.” Inside Everywhere are “portals” to different worlds, and one of them seems to be the game MindsEye.

The developer said it is “not trying to make a normal game” with Everywhere. Instead, the studio is looking to make a “whole new world for gamers” where they can play, watch, share, create, and hang out with friends.

A first look at MindsEye

Benzies left Rockstar North in 2016, following a 17-month sabbatical. In April 2016, he sued Rockstar Games for $150 million in royalties and alleged that he was forced out. Rockstar parent company Take-Two said Benzies’ “significant performance and conduct issues” ultimately created a situation that led to his eventual resignation.

As for the GTA series, Rockstar is now developing Grand Theft Auto 6.

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