Keanu Reeves’ Band Gets Back Together, Announces First Album In 23 Years

Keanu Reeves’ Band Gets Back Together, Announces First Album In 23 Years

After a hiatus of over two decades, Keanu Reeves’ former grunge band Dogstar has reunited and announced that they will be releasing new music this summer. The band first broke the news on Instagram, where they have been posting behind-the-scenes updates on their studio time since creating an account last summer.

Dogstar was formed in the early 1990s and featured Reeves on bass. Despite the actor’s success in Hollywood, he continued to pursue his passion for music and toured with the band throughout the Nineties and early 2000s. The band’s upcoming release will be their first new music since their 2000 album, Happy Ending.

In their latest Instagram post, the band expressed their gratitude for the overwhelming response they’ve received since announcing their return. They also confirmed that they will be rolling out new music this summer and plan to follow up with live performances.

Dogstar has been working on their upcoming album with a new team and promises that the new music will be the “most satisfying and meaningful batch of songs we’ve ever done.” The band has also announced plans to shoot a music video to accompany their first single from the album.

Reeves and his bandmates have remained tight-lipped about the specific details of their upcoming performances, but it seems likely that they will be returning to the public stage in the near future. The band played a private show last year for those who made their new album possible, but they have not performed publicly since their heyday in the early 2000s.

Reeves starred in the recently released John Wick 4, and will reprise the titular role in the upcoming film Ballerina–a spin-offset between the events of Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

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