Nicole Kidman AMC Movie Ad 2.0 Is Coming

Nicole Kidman AMC Movie Ad 2.0 Is Coming

AMC CEO Adam Aron has confirmed that the highly anticipated sequel to the viral ad starring Nicole Kidman will premiere in AMC theaters.

“I’m not sure when we’re going to do it–this year or next year,” Aron said during an interview with Variety at CinemaCon. “We’ll try to live up to your expectations when the time comes.” Aron added that one version has been written, but it may not be the version that is ultimately produced.

He also added that he saw the Saturday Night Live parody version, calling it “wonderful” though adding “I actually thought our commercial was better than their parody… [but] if they had done that for someone else’s movie theaters, I would have been crazed out of my mind.”

The interview also touched on the challenges facing the film industry and AMC’s debt levels. Aron expressed his optimism about the future of AMC and the movie theater industry, though he acknowledged that the pandemic has caused a significant decline in box office revenue.

Aron expressed his commitment to ensuring that AMC does not run out of cash and mentioned a plan to add AMC theaters in other countries. Aron also talked about the studio’s recent trend of releasing fewer movies, which has had a significant impact on the industry.

He believes that the industry can handle around 140 or more movies a year, and he is optimistic that the release count will increase in 2024. In addition to increasing outbound communication efforts and personalizing them based on audience preferences, AMC has created a special designation called Artisan Films for smaller and medium-sized movies that they think could build an audience.

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