One Of The Best Gaming Chairs Is $200 Off For A Limited Time

One Of The Best Gaming Chairs Is $200 Off For A Limited Time

Mavix is getting in on the Star Wars Day sales with a massive discount on one of the best gaming chairs. From now until May 9 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET, you can pick up the M9 Gaming Chair for just $799 (normally $999). Meanwhile, Mavix’s other, less expensive gaming chairs (M4, M5, and M7) come with a free footrest right now.

Mavix M9 gaming chair

We’re big fans of the M9, calling it the top premium pick in our roundup of the best gaming chairs, and praised it in our official review. A large part of the M9’s appeal is its sleek, ergonomic design. Unlike other gaming chairs–y’know, the ones that look like they really want you to know they’re for gamers–the M9 sports a minimalist style that resembles a high-end office chair.

However, its many features are perfect for gaming. It has an adjustable head/neck support, 4D armrests, and an excellent lumbar support with breathable fabric. The seat cushion and backrest use premium memory foam and leatherette, both of which hold up very well. More than two years after reviewing the M9, it’s still just as comfortable as it was on day one.

Not only is it comfortable, it’s also customizable, with multiple color schemes to pick from, like all white, all black, black/blue, and black/white. All colors are eligible for the discounts (unless they sell out, of course). You can also add the Elemax heating/cooling massage system for $129.

As noted in our M9 gaming chair review, the biggest downside is its price. Thankfully, this discount softens the hit to your wallet and makes it easier to recommend.

This is a great deal on one of the best gaming chairs around, so be sure to take advantage of the special Star Wars Day offer while it’s still available. It may not be official Star Wars merch, but we’re not complaining–though there are plenty of other great deals on Star Wars-related games, toys, and more happening today that you should check out, too.

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