Overwatch’s Fourth One Punch Man Skin Is Genos-Genji

Overwatch’s Fourth One Punch Man Skin Is Genos-Genji

Blizzard has revealed the fourth Overwatch 2 skin that’ll be a part of the One Punch Man crossover event, with the attack hero Genji getting a Genos skin. Other heroes such as Kiriko, The Terrible Tornado, Mumen Rider Soldier 76, and Saitama Doomfist have been confirmed as upcoming skins.

Thanks to a PlayStation Blog, we know the limited-time event will run from March 7 to April 6, and the upcoming event will feature easter eggs for fans of the anime. Although no price has been announced for the Genos-Genji skin, one can assume it’ll be around the same price as the Kiriko skin, which comes to roughly $21 USD.

The Genos-Genji skin will be apart of the One Punch Man event.

Speaking with PlayStation Blog, Aimee Dennet, the associate director for Overwatch 2, revealed that the dev team is “obsessed with anime” and thought this would be a fun crossover for fans. Dennett stated that the Genos-Genji skin seemed like a good fit because both characters have a similar story and more or less behave the same. She says they were both “pushed to the brink of death, only to be rescued and transformed into cyborgs by doctors from their respective universes.”

Dennett explains that working on crossover events like this can be challenging because of the game’s established lore. But the team is still open to doing “non-canon opportunities” like the dating sim they ran for Valentine’s Day.

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