Pick Up 7 Souls-Like Games For Just $18 On Humble Bundle

Pick Up 7 Souls-Like Games For Just $18 On Humble Bundle

You can pick up 7 Souls-likes from off the beaten path in Humble Bundle’s Striking Soulslikes bundle. The full package is a value of $163 for just $18.

Like other Humble Bundles, there are multiple tiers that you can purchase at. Each tier includes all the games from previous tiers. The first tier starts at $5 and includes just one game: Salt and Sanctuary, a 2D run at a Dark Souls formula. The second tier begins at $10 and adds Mortal Shell, a slick, over-the-shoulder Souls-style game, and Blade of Darkness, a Conan-tinged twist on the action-RPG.

The second highest tier starts at $15. That tier includes Dread Delusion, a retro-style 3D open RPG a la Morrowind, and Aeterna Noctis, an epic fantasy Metroidvania. To get all the games you have to pay $18 for the highest tier of the bundle. This final tier adds Loot River, a pixelated roguelike action-RPG with a puzzle twist, and Sands of Aura, an open-world set in a desert archipelago.

All the games in the bundle are redeemable on Steam. A few of them you can even play on Mac or Linux and some are verified for Steam Deck. The bundle supports Charity: Water, a non-profit that provides sustainable solutions for clean drinking water in developing nations. However, you can decide how the money you donate is distributed between the charity, developers, and Humble itself.

The Striking Souls-likes bundle is active until May 12, so be sure to pick it up before then if you want more dark fantasy action in your life.

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