PlayStation Is Returning To Handheld Gaming (Sort Of) With Project Q

PlayStation Is Returning To Handheld Gaming (Sort Of) With Project Q

Looks like Sony is getting back into the handheld game. Kind of. Announced during the latest PlayStation Showcase, Project Q is a handheld streaming device for PlayStation 5 games.

Unlike, say, the PSP or PS Vita, Project Q is not a handheld gaming device. It only streams games, which is a huge bummer. To play anything on this new handheld, you have to download what you want to play to your PS5 first and then your console streams your downloaded games to Project Q via Wi-Fi.

Construction-wise, the tablet-like device looks a whole lot like a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, only instead using the PS5 DualSense controller as inspiration for its button and joystick layout. It’s not the most attractive-looking handheld on the market but it boasts a decent size, featuring an eight-inch screen.

During the showcase, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said that Sony will have more to share about Project Q in “the near future.” The device itself is scheduled to launch later this year.

Alongside Project Q, Sony also revealed new wireless PlayStation earbuds. Presumably, these earbuds are to more easily listen to your games while playing them on Project Q away from your TV, but they can just as easily also connect to your PS5 console, your cellphone, or your favorite media device via Bluetooth.

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