Rainbow Six Siege Adds A New Operator, Map Rework, And More Later This Month

Rainbow Six Siege Adds A New Operator, Map Rework, And More Later This Month

Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 2 kicks off on May 30, bringing with it a new Swedish Operator, a map rework, and several gameplay updates across console and PC. Fenrir, the new Operator, is a tactical defender who wields a F-NATT Dread Mine gadget that can temporarily limit a person’s field of view when a target is caught in its gas cloud. The two-speed and two-health Operator also comes equipped with an MP7 submachine gun or SASG-12 shotgun as a primary weapon and a BAILIFF 410 revolver as a secondary firearm.

The Consulate map will be getting a substantial rework in the upcoming season, as Ubisoft intends to completely rebuild the experience for players. This will include transforming all floors and sites to make this stage more balanced, complex, and rewarding to play, and changes to Attacker spawns aim to reduce frustration and improve defensive positions. There’ll be fewer vulnerable locations outdoors and Attackers can more easily make it from the spawn location to the building, with this rework emphasizing new tactical approaches for both teams.

The shooting range is also getting some new features, and if you’re looking to test out your gear, you’ll be able to do so in an area that now has a new aiming lane with more challenging targets and a breakable wall to test out destructible environment damage from different weapons. Arcade game modes will be featured in a new and permanent playlist, with returning game modes including Headshots Only, Snipers Only, Golden Gun, and Deathmatch. This new playlist will also introduce a new Free for All game mode.

There’s also a new intel denial gadget which projects a digital barrier blocking the line of sight of opponent drones and observation tools to prevent Operators and devices on the other side from being spotted, that you’ll be able to try out next season. Finally, Operation Dread Factor adds new accessibility controller layouts with alternate inputs for shooting, crouching, and leaning.

Ubisoft recently laid out the rest of Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 8 roadmap, which includes new Operators, maps, events, and more for the upcoming year. In other Tom Clancy news, a new episode of GameSpot’s No HUD shows you just how immersive Ghost Recon: Breakpoint can be, if you’re willing to play around in the options menu.

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