Save $600 On This Refurbished MacBook Air

Save $600 On This Refurbished MacBook Air

With a new MacBook Air starting at $1,000, the powerful laptop isn’t a great fit for frugal shoppers. No doubt you’ll get a lot of versatility and longevity for your money–but $1,000 is a lot to spend on a laptop. Thankfully, budget-minded shoppers can save a bundle of cash today by opting for a refurbished MacBook Air, which is now on sale for $380.

The MacBook Air offers around 12 hours of battery life and comes with a 30-day parts and labor warranty. There’s even a 30-day return policy should you change your mind about the purchase.

Of course, getting a MacBook Air for just $380 means working around a few concessions. In this case, that’s the 2017 model year. But because it’s been refurbished (and Apple products have impressive durability), this affordable laptop should treat you well for quite a long time.

The MacBook Air is a great fit for students or young professionals, with enough power to run through spreadsheets with ease and a webcam that’s perfect for attending meetings remotely. And with this new low price, you’d be hard-pressed to find something as premium as this in the same price range.

This deal is ending soon–so be sure to swing by and check out the gigantic savings while you can.

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