Save Big On Hundreds Of Steam Deck-Verified Games

Save Big On Hundreds Of Steam Deck-Verified Games

Valve’s Steam Deck handheld gaming system is a great device for playing a wide number of games from your Steam library, and it packs enough of a hardware punch to run some of the latest games on the market. If you’re looking to update your Steam Library with a number of quirky adventures and blockbuster games, then Fanatical’s May Madness Sale has no shortage of titles to grab at a discounted rate.

Even better, you can fine-tune your search and see which games are Steam Deck verified and which ones are confirmed as playable on the system with some minor quirks. Standout games include the Resident Evil 4 remake, the strong contender for game of the year that earned a rare 10/10 review score from GameSpot.

For something more modern, you can grab the toe-tapping delight that is Hi-Fi Rush, the latest game from The Evil Within developer Tango Gameworks. Brimming with style and substance, this game packs plenty of rhythmic charm with terrific cel-shaded visuals and a killer licensed soundtrack. Cult of the Lamb is another great game, one in which you’ll face dark gods who tried to kill you by fighting faith with faith. Assemble your own cult, enjoy some rogue-lite adventuring, and always remember that a dead acolyte is a nutritious meal if you make your followers believe hard enough.

Want to rip and tear until it is done? Doom’s 2016 reboot and its absurdly violet sequel, Doom Eternal, is also on sale, with both games featuring some of the smoothest and best gunplay this side of Mars. If you’re feeling nostalgic, check out Return to Monkey Island for a fresh spin on the point-and-click genre. Alternatively, you can race for afterlife glory in the fast-paced Neon White. You can see a list below of other standout titles, or you can head to Fanatical to browse the collection for yourself.

For those of you looking to stick to desktop PC gaming, don’t forget that you can grab plenty of great deals right now in the Fanatical May Madness Sale, as well as an opportunity to spin a rewards wheel and potentially earn discounts or free games in the process. If your order comes in at $12 or more when buying these Steam Deck games, you’ll get a coupon or free game with your purchase.

Fanatical May Madness – Steam Deck deals

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