Seth Rogen On Why He Didn’t Give DK A “Weird” Voice In Mario Movie And Just Used His Own

Seth Rogen On Why He Didn’t Give DK A “Weird” Voice In Mario Movie And Just Used His Own

In The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which is in theaters now, Donkey Kong voice actor Seth Rogen uses his own voice to portray the gorilla instead of creating a voice. He simply does his best Seth Rogen.

Rogen spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about this. He said he didn’t really think about giving DK any kind of special or “weird” voice and just went with his own because that made more sense.

“This didn’t seem like one of those roles. So, here and there sometimes, but it was more about the dynamic. It’s the dynamic of this guy who hates Mario and is kind of stuck with him, and to me, that was funny. So it didn’t need some weird voice in order to be effective,” Rogen said.

DK doesn’t use real words in most video games, instead opting for a range of gorilla sounds. DK speaks in the movie and it’s a real trip to hear the Superbad actor and bong-maker deliver lines with his famous timbre.

Chris Pratt voices Mario in the movie, and he uses a slight accent to deliver lines as the iconic Italian plumber. Keegan-Michael Key, who voices Toad, went to seemingly greater lengths to find his voice for the character, saying he had to pretend like he was sucking on a helium balloon.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which also stars Anya Taylor-Joy (Peach) and Jack Black (Bowser), is in theaters now. It’s expected to have a massive opening weekend, with projections saying it could earn $225 million over its first few days worldwide.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie could rise up the charts to become one of the highest-grossing video game movies ever, a list currently topped by Warcraft ($439 million).

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