Sniper Elite 5 Trailer Shows Off All The Gruesome Ways That You'll Kill Nazis

Sniper Elite 5 Trailer Shows Off All The Gruesome Ways That You'll Kill Nazis

The latest trailer for Sniper Elite 5 has gone into deep detail on the game’s features and game modes, highlighting all the ways that you’ll be able to eliminate the Axis forces as OSS operative Karl Fairburne.

While sniping is still the bread ‘n butter of the game, you’ll need to sneak behind enemy lines to find those perfect vantage points to set up a sniping nest. As part of the D-Day forces, Fairburne will be working to foil a Nazi plot called Operation Kraken, and it could turn the tide of the war back in the favor of the Axis forces.

For Sniper Elite 5, weapon customization has been enhanced and will give you the options to change a weapon’s stock, magazines, receiver, barrel, scopes, and iron sights as well as its materials. Customization options are unlocked in the game by discovering workbenches that are hidden within the maps.

The full campaign is also playable in two-player online co-op, or if you feel like switching sides, the new and optional Invasion Mode allows you to become an Axis sniper who is tasked with hunting down Fairburne. These players can make use of AI Axis soldiers to help them find Fairburne, while players using Fairburne can utilize phones placed within the level to gather intel on the invader and their location.

Sniper Elite 5’s multiplayer features four core game modes each with a host of customization options, and also highlights the new traversal mechanics available in each map.

Developed by Rebellion, Sniper Elite 5 will be out on May 26 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can also access the game on day one, and preorders will net players access to the latest Hitler-hunting campaign mission, Wolf Mountain.

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