Star Wars 4K Blu-Rays Get Steep Discounts For Star Wars Day

Star Wars 4K Blu-Rays Get Steep Discounts For Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day, the most magical day of the year for some, is finally here, and the best way to celebrate is to grab a glass of blue milk as you settle in to watch your favorite film in the franchise. While you can easily do just that on Disney+, there’s something reassuring about having a physical copy of the Star Wars saga, and fortunately, those films just got a big discount on the best versions currently available.

Over at Best Buy, you can grab standard Blu-rays for just $10 each and 4K Ultra HD versions for $14 each. The Ultra HD Blu-rays are naturally crisp and sharp versions of films from across all three trilogies, and several of them also include digital copies of the films (as well as the standard Blu-ray). The prequel trilogy films are especially interesting in case you want to see just how those movies were made, as they contain a wealth of extra behind-the-scenes content.

Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with the original trilogy of Star Wars films or the terrific spin-off Rogue One. The sequel trilogy might not be to everyone’s tastes, but at the very least, The Last Jedi is a great film to have on hand when you’re looking to show off your new 4K OLED TV. For more Star Wars Day deals, check out our roundup of the best deals, which we will be updating all day.

Star Wars Blu-Ray Deals

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