Star Wars Tabletop Games And Expansions Are Discounted At Amazon

Star Wars Tabletop Games And Expansions Are Discounted At Amazon

The galaxy of Star Wars can easily fit onto a table, judging by the number of board games available right now, and for Star Wars Day, many of those tabletop experiences are currently on sale. If you’re looking to roll the dice and take on the Empire, then there’s no shortage of great games that’ll let you live out your Jedi fantasy or defy the odds as a galactic rogue. Just remember, never tell us what the odds are when we’re playing these games.

For Star Wars fans who want to mix some Warhammer 40K into one of their favorite sci-fi franchises, check out Star Wars Legion. This tabletop game focuses on infantry battles between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire, and it comes with an army of miniature figures that you can spend a cathartic weekend painting. This bundle includes Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, so feel free to put your own artistic stamp on this duo. Alternatively, Star Wars Imperial Assault is a game of tactical combat that puts you in the middle of the Galactic Civil War after the destruction of the first Death Star, allowing you to build armies and recreate epic battles.

If you’d prefer to ditch ground battles for cosmic dogfighting, then Star Wars Armada has you covered with its tactical fleet combat setup, and Star Wars Imperial Assault focuses on dogfighting danger from the cockpits of X-Wings and TIE Fighters. All of these games are on sale, plus numerous expansions for them are also substantially discounted. And just in case those games are too intense, then check out this sale on Star Wars Blu-rays. It’s always nice to revisit the Skywalker Saga, especially when you can do so in 4K and Ultra-HD. If you’d rather inhabit a galaxy far, far away that’s made of bricks, you can get Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga for super cheap.

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