This 55-Inch 4K TV Is Free And Has Two Screens–But There Is A Catch

This 55-Inch 4K TV Is Free And Has Two Screens–But There Is A Catch

Looking for a new TV but don’t want to pay anything for it? The founder of Pluto TV has announced a new initiative that includes giving anyone a free 55-inch 4K TV–but there is a pretty big catch. This TV has two screens, one to watch the content you want and the other that displays advertisements non-stop.

The TV is called “Telly,” and it runs on an operating system called TellyOS. You can reserve a unit at Telly is giving away “the first” 500,000 free units and they will ship this summer. Presumably another restock will happen later.

Telly is a free TV that shows ads constantly


Telly founder and CEO Ilya Pozin says Telly represents the “biggest innovation in television since color.” Pozin said companies make billions off ads seen on TV and consumers have had to pay for the TV and what they watch. Now, the TV itself is free with Telly.

The Telly TV has a “smart screen” that gives updates on news, weather, sports, and stocks. It also has artificial intelligence that can recommend content to viewers with voice assistant support. Additionally, Telly units support video calling and also play video games through a “Game Room” feature. It has more than 40 video games, including “arcade classics” and multiplayer games (though none were named outright). Telly TV also has a fitness app that uses a motion-tracking fitness system.

The Telly TV can connect to your existing cable or satellite TV service, or even over-the-air TV. It comes with a 4K Android TV streaming stick, too, so you can connect an existing streaming service and watch.

Pozin founded Pluto TV, a free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) service that is now owned by Paramount. FAST channels are growing in popularity in recent times, with comedian Conan O’Brien launching content on FAST channels and Westworld coming to FAST channels.

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