Valorant’s Competitive Game Mode Update Is Coming Soon

Valorant’s Competitive Game Mode Update Is Coming Soon

Riot Games has announced that Valorant’s new competitive game mode, Premier, will be released with Episode 6 Act 3.

The developer released a new in-depth video explaining everything about the upcoming mode, with game director Andy Ho sharing the details. Premier is a team-based competitive system that will allow players to build their own team and compete across a set of pre-scheduled matches.

In this new game mode, players will be given the option to create their own team or join a team of five friends to compete together against teams of similar skill levels. Once a roster has been built, the player’s team will be placed in a division where they’ll play across a persistent season composed of weekly matches and tournaments on designated maps.

Winning enough Premier matches will earn players the opportunity to compete in a Playoff Tournament to be one of the top teams in their skill division. Riot confirmed that, in the future, Premier will be used as a path to the VCT Challenger Leagues, which means no more qualifier events. From Challenger Leagues, players can move on to International Leagues and potentially get to Champions.

The developer announced the alpha version last year, which was only available in Brazil, and the upcoming Premier Global Beta release will be an early version.

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