Very Scientific Study Shows Resident Evil’s Leon Could Almost Fit In Own Briefcase

Very Scientific Study Shows Resident Evil’s Leon Could Almost Fit In Own Briefcase

Leon’s a man of many talents in Resident Evil 4’s remake, but he’s also possibly a magician who functions like a heavily-armed David Copperfield. While Leon starts out with nothing more than his trusty government-issued 9mm in the remake, it’s not long before he arms himself with shotguns, rocket launchers, grenades, submachine guns, and more during the course of his adventure, all of which he keeps in a fashionable attache case.

And as one intrepid explorer has discovered, that case might have come from the set of Doctor Who, because it’s definitely bigger on the inside. Twitter user Texas_USS decided to compare just how big a case Leon would need to carry all of his gear, and he even managed to rope in a friend who is roughly the same height and build as the Resident Evil 4 hero to add some scale to their measurements.

For reference, the largest case you can obtain in the Resident Evil 4 remake has a 9×13 grid layout, which can house several weapons, ammo, herbs, and cute charms. In real life, and using the decoy Leon as a measuring stick, you’d need an attache case that’s at least 176cm long and around 140-150cm wide to fit all of that gear inside of it. Roughly. Trust us, we’re scientists.

Such cases don’t exist commercially, and the closest equivalent is an art portfolio carrier, which is still tragically undersized and will probably rip apart from the weight of a rocket launcher and several questionable herbs alone.

Seeing Leon lug around a suitcase bigger than him would probably also make for some janky and hilarious gameplay. Resident Evil 4 would probably start with the government agent arguing with his airline about the accepted dimensions for carry-on luggage before he ever got to Spain.

In other Resident Evil news not related to dubious luggage case dimensions, Resident Evil 4 is looking better after recent updates from Capcom. While the game mostly looks sharper on console, the previous remakes have seen some features removed. As players have noticed, the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes no longer have ray tracing options, and Capcom hasn’t explained why these features have been removed.

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