Walmart Cyber Monday Deal: Save $40 on Apple TV HD 32GB

Walmart Cyber Monday Deal: Save $40 on Apple TV HD 32GB

Black Friday deals are dwindling and Cyber Monday sales are ramping up, and Walmart has just launched the first volley in the cyber wars… I’m just kidding, there isn’t some Terminator coming to get us all, but now IS a great time to get some sweet discounted tech.

The tech you should be thinking about this time around is the Apple TV HD, and right now you can grab a 32GB model, with plenty of room, for just $59. Since this little sucker normally goes for a cool Benjamin Franklin ($100), this is a nice little chunk of change you can save and spend on some dope services like Apple Arcade. For other ways to spend that leftover green, check out our huge deals round-up for Walmart’s Cyber Monday sale.

Walmart Cyber Monday Apple TV Deal

Apple TV HD 32GB (2nd Gen)

Apple TV HD 32GB (2nd Gen)

Get one of the most versatile TV boxes out, which grants easy access to lots of great shows, and a whole lot more.

40% off $99.00

If you love the Apple ecosystem, and have been looking for a way to bring that same energy to your television setup, the Apple TV is a great, small, and still fairly powerful little device.

If you use Android phones and have been looking for a cheaper way to gain access to cool stuff like Apple TV or Apple Arcade, this is also a great way to do that.

Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales & Deals

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IGN Plus Limited Time Discount

IGN Plus Annual Membership

IGN Plus Annual Membership

Sign up during the Black Friday sale season and save 25% on an annual membership. You can also sign up for a free 30-day trial.

25% off $39.99

To celebrate Thanksgiving, IGN Plus is having a 25% discount, meaning you can get rid of all ads on IGN, score complimentary games every month, and get a standard 15% discount on everything on the IGN Store. Now, as part of Black Friday Early Access, there is a special offer code available to IGN Plus members that brings savings on select items up to 30%. Happy holidays!

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