Willem Dafoe Will Play An Underworld Enforcer In Beetlejuice Sequel

Willem Dafoe Will Play An Underworld Enforcer In Beetlejuice Sequel

The underworld just got a little bit more populated with The Hollywood Reporter confirming that Willem Dafoe joining the Beetlejuice sequel after Giant Freaking Robot was the first to leak the news. Production for the sequel to the Tim Burton-helmed horror comedy officially went underway this past week.

The casting of the film is in full swing with Monica Belluci joining up as Beetlejuice’s (Michael Keaton) ghoulish wife which was announced Thursday. Jenna Ortega will play the daughter of Lydia Deetz, who will once again be played by Winona Ryder, in the film. Catherine O’Hara is also among the returning cast while Justin Theroux will be one of the brand-new additions.

Burton will return as director and producer for the sequel along with Brad Pitt’s Plan B, among others. Al Gough and Miles Millar, the creators of the Ortega-starring Wednesday Netflix series and Superman prequel series Smallville, wrote the screenplay.

While the movie’s actual storyline details are under wraps for now, it’s been confirmed that Dafoe will play some sort of underworld cop. In the first movie, we saw some of the inner workings of the afterlife and how it’s run with its multitudes of red tape and bureaucracies.

The Beetlejuice sequel, now referred to simply called Beetlejuice 2, is scheduled for a September 2024 release.

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