Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Golden Cicada Shells Explained

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Golden Cicada Shells Explained

Like most games in the genre, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is filled to the brim with items to find off the beaten path, though many of them don’t have immediately obvious uses. Such is the case with Golden Cicada Shells, which you’ll find in well-hidden spots throughout levels–that is, if you’re exploring thoroughly enough. But what do they do, and where do you take them? We’ve got you covered below.

Where to take Golden Cicada Shells

After completing the first few main missions in the game, you’ll eventually find the quiet and majestic Hidden Village hub, where you’ll be able to respec your attributes, upgrade your weapons, and undertake some game-long missions. It’s in this Hidden Village that you’ll encounter the NPC desperately seeking Golden Cicada Shells.

Take Cicada Shells to the man atop this tall tower in the Hidden Village.

You can take Golden Cicada Shells to the man high atop an extremely tall tower in the center of the village. From the spawn point, take the vine to the left of the battle flag, then head down the stairs and left across three more sets of vines to reach the tower. Use the vines wrapped around the tower to scale it, and at the very top will be a strange fellow who seems eager to get as many Golden Cicada Shells as you can bring him.

As you continue to give the strange man Golden Cicada Shells, he’ll occasionally grant you a weapon or a few accessories and become progressively more obsessed and erratic. When you finally give him the maximum amount of shells, you’ll earn the “Ascension” Trophy or Achievement, though there doesn’t appear to be any meaningful in-game reward for doing so.

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