World Of Warcraft Could Soon Revolutionize How Players Fly Around Its World

World Of Warcraft Could Soon Revolutionize How Players Fly Around Its World

World of Warcraft could soon see a major shakeup to how players get around its world, as it appears Blizzard may be working on making dragonriding work in all of the game’s old content.

The game’s latest expansion, Dragonflight, introduced the excellent dragonriding feature, which has revolutionized getting from point A to point B in Blizzard’s MMORPG. For the majority of WoW’s existence, flying meant players simply needed to mount up and point their character in a direction. They would then fly there at far faster speeds than simply walking or riding a ground mount.

Dragonflight changed that, making flying on the game’s new dragonriding mounts dynamic and fun. Players can now dive to increase their speed, do aerial acrobatics, soar skyward, and more, and it has turned one of WoW’s most passive activities into fun gameplay all its own. The only caveat currently is that dragonriding only works for specific dragonriding mounts and only in the new Dragon Isles zones.

That, however, has just made it all the more painful when venturing back to old world capital cities like Stormwind or Orgrimmar, where dragonriding isn’t enabled. Players are currently forced when journeying through older content areas to use the game’s classic flying mounts, an act that feels like going from piloting a fighter plane to riding a bicycle with training wheels.

The good news is it seems that might all be changing in the future. As spotted by WoW content creators Taliesin and Evitel on Twitter, a new option called “Flight Styles” has appeared on the public test realm for the game’s newly announced patch 10.1.5. One such flight style is “Dynamic,” which allows for “dynamic flight” abilities to be enabled in all areas where flying is available. The creators do call out that the feature doesn’t appear to be fully working on the PTR just yet, but the option is clearly showing.

Even more curious is the exact wording of the new option. The text does not specifically mention “dragonriding abilities” and instead labels them as “dynamic flight abilities.” That seems to imply that non-dragon mounts could receive flight abilities in the future. It also opens up the possibility of traditional flying mounts being retrofitted with flying abilities, though that seems a little more far-fetched considering just how old some of the flying mount models currently in-game are. Blizzard made a big deal out of all the impressive new animations and physics that came alongside the game’s dragonriding mounts, and applying that same level of detail and polish to nearly 15-year-old flying mounts from the game’s earlier expansions seems like wishful thinking.

The wording of the feature makes it seem like players will have a choice between the “dynamic” flying or a more traditional flying. Blizzard has previously said in interviews that dragonriding, should it be popular, could become a permanent feature. However, most fans expected the feature to arrive as part of the game’s next expansion and not as a minor patch between major content updates.

WoW’s next patch, titled Fractures in Time, will introduce a new Mythic-only mega-dungeon where players will come face to face with the most formidable dragon in all of Warcraft lore, Galakrond. It will additionally open up the Warlock class to every race, and add an additional, experimental DPS specialization for the game’s latest class, Evokers.

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