WWE’s Seth Rollins Has Apparently Been Cast In Captain America 4

WWE’s Seth Rollins Has Apparently Been Cast In Captain America 4

Captain America: New World Order recently started filming and already some new surprises have been reached the internet. Leaked photos were posted on Twitter showing not only Anthony Mackie’s new Captain America costume but a new addition to the cast: WWE’s Seth Rollins.

Rollins (real name Colby Lopez) was spotted in Atlanta on set in full costume, possibly as a part of Marvel’s villainous Serpent Society, longtime Captain America villains. Rollins is a bit of a surprise and the second former WWE Champion to become part of the MCU, the first being Guardians of the Galaxy’s Dave Bautista.

This is only Rollins’ second time appearing in a feature film, and this one will be of an exponentially higher profile. His first was a role in Sharknado 4, a franchise that has a long history of working with WWE wrestlers.

Nothing has been confirmed or officially announced, but with Rollins participating in a pretaped segment on this week’s Monday Night Raw, one might expect some more time away to film this role. Rollins will take on AJ Styles to be the newly-crowned World Heavyweight Champion at WWE’s Night of Champions premium live event on May 27.

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