You Can Delete Your Diablo 4 Server Slam Or Beta Install

You Can Delete Your Diablo 4 Server Slam Or Beta Install

You can delete your Diablo IV Server Slam and/or Beta installs without fear. The full version of the game will be completely separate, which means you can uninstall without interfering with your main game.

This news comes from Blizzard itself, via global community development director Adam Fletcher on Twitter. He also clarified that the Server Slam and Beta files will not be updated and are a separate client. Basically, if you keep the Server Slam or Beta client on your computer, it will just be taking up valuable space that you could use to install the actual game (or something else entirely).

In other Diablo IV news, Blizzard recently revealed its plans for the first season of the game. It will arrive in mid to late July and will incorporate new side quests, a $10 battle pass, as well as free rewards. The game will also feature a cosmetic store, where players can swap real-world cash for flashy aesthetic bonuses (none of which will afford gameplay benefits).

Diablo IV will release on June 6 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC. Make sure you computer can run it by checking the system requirements. You can start playing the game on June 2 if you pre-order the Deluxe or Ultimate edition.

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